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2020 Legislative Agenda State and Federal 

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    Legislation We Are Opposing

    • H.B. 369 The so-called "Ohio Fairness Act" is SOGI legislation that will push the radical LGBTQ agenda in every Ohio community. The Ohi Christian Alliance, along with other pro-family groups, strongly opposes H.B. 369 and S.B. 11, special-rights SOGI bills. 

     Here are the reasons for our opposition to the bill:

    -The language is ambiguous and nondescript. 
    -It provides for special rights, not equal rights.
    -It presents a real threat to religious liberty for churches, synagogues, and houses of worship statewide.
    -If the bill were to become law, church treasuries would be drained from legal battles for years to come.
    -It violates the privacy rights of women and children by allowing members of the opposite sex to use bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and athletic programs of their perceived sexual orientation.
    ·It forces women’s homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters to allow biological men who claim to identify as women to bathe and bunk with women    -It allows the state government to remove children from parents’ custody who don’t consent to dangerous conversion/hormone therapy.

    LGBTQ special-rights groups are pushing these ordinances at some city councils across the state, and citizens are fighting back with referendums, charter amendments and lawsuits to express their objections to these newly-defined ordinances. The concerns that we have outlined here are the same concerns that parents of school children in those communities have expressed concerning public accommodation enforcement of transgender individuals.  

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