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Our Founding Fathers and Our American Godly Heritage
Mon, Jul 5th, 2010 11:15:55 pm

Our Founding Fathers and Our American Godly Heritage

Inscribed on the Liberty Bell is this verse from Leviticus 25:10 “Proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all the inhabitants thereof.”

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Arizona Statehouse Requires Presidential Candidates to Produce Birth Certificates to be Qualified for the Ballot
Tue, Apr 20th, 2010 3:58:53 pm

PHOENIX -- The Arizona House on Monday voted for a provision that would require President Barack Obama to show his birth certificate if he hopes to be on the state's ballot when he runs for reelection.The House voted 31-22 to add the provision to a separate bill. The measure still faces a formal vote.It would require U.S. presidential candidates who want to appear on the ballot in Arizona to submit documents proving they meet the constitutional requirements to be president.Phoenix Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema said the bill is one of several measures that are making Arizona "the laughing stock of the nation."Mesa Republican Rep. Cecil Ash said he has no reason to doubt Obama's citizenship but supports the measure because it could help end doubt.  Read on ..

It's Up To The Voters Now
Sun, Dec 20th, 2009 8:04:23 pm

Not surprisingly, the Democrats in Congress are about to pass a government-run healthcare bureaucracy that will reach far into our individual lives.  Polls in recent weeks have shown that an increased number of Americans are opposed to the national health care plan, but Democrats in Congress, pushed by the far Left, are undeterred by the thousands of calls, letters, and emails urging and demanding that they not vote for this government grab over the health decisions of individuals and their doctors.   Read on ..

Thanks so much for the OCA Email today!
Tue, May 12th, 2009 12:44:02 am

Thanks so much for the OCA e-mail today (5/12), "Here We Ago Again: Ridiculous ‘Hate Crime' Legislation".   I called both of our Senators immediately, asking both to NOT vote for the mentioned legislation BECAUSE - and maybe this is understood by an amazingly small number of people - *all crimes are hate crimes*!  Read on ..

Mr. Obama manages to offend millions of Christians during Holy Week.
Wed, Apr 8th, 2009 8:27:31 am

President Obama needs to be held accountable for his actions.  His statements and his actions are offensive to many Christians in this country.  The Ohio Christian Alliance is calling upon its members to write and let President Obama know that his actions and words are offensive to the Christian people of this nation.  Read on ..

The Farther We Go In The Future The More It Looks Like The Past
Mon, Feb 2nd, 2009 2:00:00 pm

It's 2009, but it's looking a lot like the 1970's: Deep recession, the real threat of stagnation, a credit crunch, and the push for alternative energy - solar, wind, biofuels.  Next thing you know they'll be wanting to drop the speed limit to 55 MPH.   Read on ..

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