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2015 Legislative Agenda State and Federal 

131th Ohio General Assembly

1) Voter Photo ID Requirement for Ohio. Reports from the Secretary of State's office (post-election voter fraud report and non-U.S. citizens registering and voting in Ohio)  and the statewide citizens' audit of boards of election indicated that voter fraud is on the increase in Ohio. The best way to deter voter fraud is to adopt voter photo ID requirement for Ohio. The issue polls at 70% nationally and here in Ohio. OCA, with a  coalition of citizens groups, will be urging the legislature to adopt voter photo ID requirement in advance of the 2016 Presidential Election. 

2) Election reform legislation. 28 days of open voting, including Golden Week, court ordered voting, mail in voting, and provisional voting has lent itself to an atmosphere inviting voter fraud. Election reform legislation is needed to address this growing problem with Ohio's election system.

3) Ohio's Ban on Human Cloning and Animal-Human Hybrid.  This bill would implement stiff penalties and imprisonment on those individuals and laboratories conducting human cloning and/or animal-human hybrid research.

4) Instilling Knowledge of Founding Documents. Study after study demonstrates that America's schoolchildren have a shocking lack of knowledge when it comes to our nation's history and government. It is foolish to believe these students will grow into active, valuable citizens if we fail to educate them in American History and Government. We support legislation to ensure that Ohio's schoolchildren receive a civics education grounded in our nation and state's founding documents. S.B. 65 - Even though the bill has passed and is being implemented, OCA is monitoring its progress and implementation in school districts across the state. Vigilance is necessary for the success of this program. The state legislature has required that the school districts report to them and the state school board on its progress.

113th U.S. Congress

The WWII Memorial Prayer Project - Legislation that will place FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer on the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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