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June 13, 2006

The Executive Director of the Christian Coalition of Ohio, Chris Long, issued the following statement today in support of House Bill 228.
“We are here on this historic day to support House Bill 228, to ban abortion in the state of Ohio. While this bill may not be the final legislative vehicle to prohibit abortion in Ohio, it is an important start on the long road to affecting change to Ohio's abortion policy. In the anticipation of Roe v. Wade eventually being set aside or overturned, the time has come to embrace the very real possibility of states again determining their own positions on abortion law. Ohio today is joining the ranks of several other states, including South Dakota, Kansas, and Louisiana, to pursue this constructive and long overdue consideration of the abortion issue from a state’s perspective.
Those who defend abortion do so by framing the discussion in terms of a woman’s “right to choose.” What is that choice? Choosing abortion means choosing to end human life. Knowing that no amount of spin will change this hard fact, those who support abortion can do so only by obscuring and ignoring the gruesome truth of abortion. They refuse to acknowledge the pain an unborn baby suffers as it is being aborted. They ignore the baby’s beating heart at 18 days and brain waves as early as 6 weeks. They reject the sonogram and ultrasound revealing the precious, vibrant human life. Ultimately, the consequence of their “right to choose” is a culture of death.
I am confident that if allowed to weigh in on this issue, the majority of the citizens of Ohio will choose life. We look forward to working with the Ohio General Assembly and other pro-life organizations to ultimately ban abortion in Ohio.”
For more information, please contact Chris Long at 330-887-1922.

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