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OCA President Reacts to Governor's Veto of Human Cloning Ban

June 12, 2008

In reaction to the Governor’s veto of the amendment banning the use of $100 million in biomedical-related investments on human cloning, Chris Long, president of the Ohio Christian Alliance, issued the following statement:

“We’re deeply disappointed that Governor Strickland rejected this amendment to prohibit Ohio tax dollars from being used for human cloning. Our amendment drew a line in the sand and declared to the biomed industry that human cloning is off limits in Ohio. Through his veto, the Governor has drawn a line in the sand too and essentially told the biomed industry ‘here’s $100 million, anything goes.’

Ohio currently has no restrictions on human cloning or animal-human hybrids that are now being conducted in England, which many now in the scientific community consider to be a medical rogue state. This amendment was necessary to make it clear that this sort of immoral research is ethically out of bounds and prohibited in our state.

Let me add that we share in the desire to see new medical cures and treatments. However, we also believe that no human life should begin and end as the subject of an experiment. By his actions today, we know where the Governor stands – he will allow your tax dollars to pay for a process that knowingly encourages human life to be created, manipulated for research, and ultimately destroyed. It’s a sad day for Ohio.”

Contact: Chris Long 330-887-1922


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