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Ohio the Battleground State!

Thu, Sep 27th, 2012 2:01:59 am
Chris Long

Interviewed with the Japanese press today who are here in Ohio covering the election. I remember in 2004 ABC of Australia came and did a story on battleground Ohio. it was an hour-long documentary and was broadcast a week or two before the election of 2004. Their conclusion was that Ohio was going for Bush.  Reporters who do the hard work and get the story right have an accurate view of how things are developing on the ground in an election.  It will be interesting to read what this group says about Ohio.  My guess is they're going to say it is razor thin.  Ohio is a toss-up and could go either way.  No Republican has ever won the White House without winning Ohio.  It remains to be seen how things will develop in the next several weeks.  Early voting begins October 2nd.  It should be very interesting.



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