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Elections Returns 2022 - The Good the Bad and the Suspicious

Tue, Nov 15th, 2022 9:27:50 pm

Election Returns 2022-The Good the Bad and the Suspicious

Cleta Mitchell who has been working on election reform over the past few years discusses the continued election mess in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and California. Early voting and mail-in ballots allow for voter fraud. In Pennsylvania, they did away with their process of validating their ballots with the voter logs. Ballot harvesting and voter registration with same-day voting in Democratic states are creating a situation in which we do not have fair and just elections. In this broadcast, we share the suspicious voting irregularities in the state of Arizona. At the time of this broadcast, one week after the November 8th Election, Congressional races have still not been called in the states of Colorado, California, and Oregon, as they wait for late mail-in ballots. This is an absolute travesty that the election process is dragging out this long. It is intentional and allows for the meddling of ballots and vote totals. In a Rasmussen poll conducted on November 8th and 9th, 57 percent of those surveyed believed that cheating affects election outcomes. The political left has been creating an atmosphere of confusion and doubt with our election process in recent years. We as Americans must stand up and fight to have fair and accurate elections. Also joining me is Mike Goldstein, a resident of Arizona who is working with local Republicans on election reform issues in the state of Arizona where he now resides. Mike gives us an eyewitness report from Arizona. Keep praying for America. Click here to hear the interview



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