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Ohio Christian Alliance Goes to CPAC
The Ohio Christian Alliance, with the Christian Alliance chapters from Iowa and Georgia, were exhibitor sponsors at the 2008 CPAC conference in Washington, D.C.

This year’s CPAC was packed with surprises, from Governor Romney’s announcement of his withdrawal from the Presidential Race to President Bush’s early Friday morning appearance to Governor Huckabee’s announcement that he is staying in the race.

Many attendees stopped by our exhibitor booth at the conference, including David Keenan, President of The American Conservative Union (ACU), and thanked us for participating in CPAC.

When Senator John McCain took the podium in his attempt to convince conservatives that he realizes the areas where he has made mistakes in the past on policy issues that differ from conservative positions, he seemed to be reaching out to the conservative body to recruit their support for his nomination. It was met with a wait-and-see attitude from attendees.

Phyllis Schaffly, President of Eagle Forum, was asked her thoughts on Senator John McCain, now that he is the presumed Republican nominee. She stated that it was important for conservatives to get Mr. McCain on the record on a number of conservative issues.

Some of the panel topics at this year’s CPAC included issues on national defense, taxation, where the pro-life movement goes from here, faith in the public square, religion’s role in politics, and a conservative approach to health care reform. Nearly 7,000 conferees from across the country participated in this year’s CPAC.

For more information, visit the CPAC website
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