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MSNBC interviews OCA President Chris Long
March 22, 2007

Presidential Primaries Already!

With the Iowa caucuses still ten months away, the Presidential race for 2008 has already started in earnest, and the question as to what social conservatives will do is already a hot topic.
Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the 34th annual CPAC Convention in Washington D.C. This year, there was added interest with most of the Republican Presidential hopefuls addressing the convention. Attendees also participated in a straw poll as to what issues were most important to them and who, at this early stage, they would support.
You may have seen in the media that Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney fared well. Trailing them were John McCain and Sam Brownback. Other candidates who spoke to the convention were Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA), Congressman Tom Tancredo (CO), Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore.
Of the just over 5,000 registrants for the convention, only one-third participated in the straw poll, and my personal observations lead me to believe that the poll was stacked heavily with supporters for Giuliani and Romney. My impressions were that most people are still waiting to hear from all the candidates concerning where they stand on the important issues.
On Thursday, I was interviewed by MSNBC, and the question was, “Will evangelicals support Rudy Giuliani, given his three marriages and his support of abortion rights?” You can view the segment by clicking here.

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