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Akron City Council Prayer Dropped
October 17, 2007
On Monday, Akron City Council recited the Lord’s Prayer for the last time. The prayer had been part of their tradition before every council meeting for the last 55 years. Due to a threatening letter from a group calling itself Americans for the Separation of Church and State, the council will discontinue the practice of reciting the prayer, after being advised in executive session by city attorneys.

Ohio Christian Alliance President Chris Long, in an interview with the Akron Beacon Journal, stated that he was disappointed that Akron City Council acted so quickly in dropping its half-century-old tradition without so much as a meeting to allow public debate.

The article continues, “Unlike the Washington group, Long said the prayer law is not all settled. And although the council may not fight, he said his group intends to seek answers and possibly pursue the challenge on the council's behalf in some fashion.

‘Those who would want to silence the expression of religion in the country, that's certainly a bigotry that needs to be addressed,’ Long said.  ‘I think this is one for the people to decide. Council is the people's chambers, and to see this action so easily dismissed without any discourse is certainly disheartening.’”
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Contact your city councilman and tell them you support the prayer
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