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Turning Ohioans on each other: A response to Governor DeWine’s unwise statement concerning the vaccinated and unvaccinated in Ohio.


Earlier today, Governor DeWine made the following statement at a press briefing.


The Governor said, “We are at a new stage of the pandemic. We truly have two Ohios: One group of people who are safe against the variant and another group of people who unfortunately are not.” What Governor DeWine was referencing was vaccinated and unvaccinated Ohioans. 


OCA President Chris Long made the following statement in response: “Governor DeWine, with his statement today, pitted one group of Ohioans against another: the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. This is something I never thought I would hear from the Governor of Ohio. Governors are to seek the common good and welfare of their citizens, not tear them apart, or divide them.  In his briefing today, Governor DeWine went against his own counsel. From the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak last year, Governor DeWine reassured Ohioans that we would get through this together. But with today’s statement, he has unwisely divided the people. Those who wanted to get the vaccine have been able to do so since its availability earlier this year. Other Ohioans have chosen, due to personal or health reasons, to not get the vaccine, following their own good judgment.  With his statement today, it is evident that Governor DeWine no longer trusts the good judgment of his fellow Ohioans. We urge the Governor to rescind his divisive and reckless statement. Ohioans have already been through great difficulty with the coronavirus outbreak, due to the shutdowns and isolation. What they need from those in government is the use of better judgment to unite us, not divide us.




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