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Return To Plymouth a tour with the Ohio Christian Alliance Summer 2018

Thu, Nov 2nd, 2017 2:25:55 pm

OCA President Chris Long and his wife Silvia visit with Leo and Nancy Martin, curators of a museum at Plymouth Rock called the Jenny Museum. Christian-based tours are conducted of the Old Town Plymouth by Leo Martin. Plymouth is preparing for the 400-year anniversary in 2020 of the Pilgrims' landing. Ohio Christian Alliance will be launching tours of Plymouth in the next few years in conjunction with the Jenny Museum and The Plymouth Rock Foundation. Chris and Silvia were also able to walk Freedom Trail in Boston, led by tour guide Richard Holland, who has been leading the tour since 1984. A wonderful trip - encourage all to go. We need to retain our Christian heritage foundation in America. These contacts were provided by our good friend, William Federer who will be leading the tour for us in 2018. If you would like information about our summer tour of 2018 and are interested in going CLICK HERE to provide us with your contact info and we send you the details about the 2018 SUMMER TRIP TO PLYMOUTH and BOSTON FREEDOM TRAIL!     HERE ARE THE PICTURES FROM THIS YEARS TRIP



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