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Call to Action - Call Your Rep to Support Ohio Pastor Protection Act

Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017 9:20:32 pm

Call to Action - Call Your Rep. to Support Ohio Pastor Protection Act

Pastors from all over Ohio came to the Ohio Statehouse to defend religious liberty, urging legislators to support H.B. 36, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act.  Your calls are needed today to urge your representative to support the Ohio Pastor Protection Act, H.B. 36.  The bill has had three hearings in the Community and Family Advancement Committee, chaired by State Rep. Tim Ginter. Another hearing will be scheduled for the week of February 27th.   It is scheduled to be voted out of committee, but a floor vote is yet to be determined.  Calls need to pour into the Statehouse in support of defending pastors, churches, church property from unwarranted lawsuits over same-sex marriage.  Click here for a list of Ohio legislators.  

Letter by Pastor Al Davis. It is the Constitutional Duty of Legislators to Protect Religious Freedom. 



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