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Christian Coalition of Ohio Undergoes Name Change.

By Chris Long, Executive Director
July 22, 2006
(Akron, Ohio) - Today, one of Ohio’s largest conservative grassroots organizations surprised its supporters by announcing a name change.
 The organization, formerly known as Christian Coalition of Ohio, has reorganized in Ohio as a non-profit organization under the name Ohio Christian Alliance. No changes will be made to either the board or the staff, ensuring the continuity of the organization.
 Chris Long, Executive Director of Ohio Christian Alliance, issued the following statement:
 “From this time forward, we will be known as Ohio Christian Alliance (OCA). We are honored to be serving the Lord by developing the integrity and leadership needed to guide our fellow citizens toward the traditional values on which our national strength and survival depends. We will only be of service to our Lord and our fellow man if we uphold standards of moral integrity. We are choosing not to compromise our original mission of restoring righteousness to our land through voter education and working for pro-life, pro-family traditional values.
 On July 14, 2006 in an article published on CNET entitled “Net Ignorance of the Christian Coalition”, Dick Armey of FreedomWorks correctly stated, “On-the-ground chapters in the states continue to distance themselves from the Washington, D.C. leadership”. Just a week earlier on July 7, 2006, the Christian Coalition of Ohio filed papers to be formally known as Ohio Christian Alliance. It was a sad day when our board found it impossible to continue to maintain a name that was associated with the national organization, the Christian Coalition of America. We desire to carry out the original mission without compromise and with integrity.
 We fully anticipate that there will be a time of adjustment. The board felt that this was a prudent decision and would rather function as an independent organization than as an organization shrouded with perceptions contrary to its Christian commitments.
 We are very excited about the opportunities and mission that this organization will continue to be engaged in to inform and educate Values Voters across the state of Ohio.
 For more information, please contact Chris Long at 330-887-1922
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