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The Comeback of the Coal Industry Faces New Hurdles Along the Way


Bob Murray of Murray Energy, Congressman Bill Johnson, and Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association join the roundtable discussion to discuss the comeback of coal in the Trump era. Recent reports indicate that coal production is up, but getting it to market is a whole new challenge, as Mr. Murray discusses the challenge with the CSX Railroad, as coal shipments have been delayed or sidelined. Coal is being mined, but it is sitting on the tracks waiting for delivery. The Administration and Mr. Murray are determined that coal will make a full comeback. Tune in and tell a friend.  Click here to listen to the program. 


CSX Chairman Harrison is back-lotting coal shipments. President Trump has helped the coal industry with loosening burdensome regulations; now it's the railways that are derailing coal shipments. Tune into this broadcast and hear the reasons why. Coal is a vital affordable energy resource. If we want to see lower costs for electricity for families, seniors, and those on fixed incomes, the progress of the comeback of coal is linked to helping with affordable energy going forward. 


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