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Return to Plymouth - Lessons From Our Spiritual Founding

Conducting a Spiritual Heritage Tour  JENNY MUSEUM Plymouth Rock

Silvia and I recently visited Plymouth, Massachusetts for the first time. Our good friend, author, and historian William Federer informed us that there were good people that had gone to Plymouth to help retain and restore the birthplace of our spiritual founding, Plymouth Massachusetts.  Pastor Paul Jaehle and his congregation help to re-enact Plymouth Pilgrim settler church services and Pilgrim walks through the town of Plymouth. Leo Martin and his wife Nancy are curators of a small museum called The Jenny Museum from which they give group tours through the town of Plymouth. Leo worked the grist mill which lies on the headwaters of the underground freshwater brook, the same headwaters that gave clean water and food source from herring fish to the Pilgrims nearly 400 years ago. The old Pilgrim Cemetery marks the place where the Pilgrims are buried, along with Governor William Bradford, the leader of the Pilgrim community.  2020 will mark the 400th year of the Pilgrims landing seeking religious liberty and a new world where they could establish Christianity. Plymouth is rich in history and it is important that we retain that history for future generations. There are those who seek to erase our founding Christian heritage. We at the Christian Alliance seek to aid those who are determined to retain it. We will be announcing a tour to Massachusetts for next year to visit historic Plymouth and to walk the Freedom Trail with a tour guide in Boston, Mass. Details will be forthcoming. Click here to read the Mayflower Compact 

The Ohio Christian Alliance will be conducting a bus tour to Plymouth Rock and Boston Freedom Trail in summer of 2018. Details to come....with author and historian Bill Federer. 


Plymouth Rock and harbor

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