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The battle to retake Mosul, the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq.
Apr 20th, 2017 by 

This week's broadcast we focus on the battle to take Mosul, the last stronghold of ISIS in Iraq. Joining me will be General Mike Barbero (Ret), Joe Kassab with the Iraqi Christian Advocacy organization, and Nathan Kalasho of Chaldean Community of Greater Detroit. CLICK HERE to hear the broadcast!

Ohio's Heroin Epidemic is Getting Worse Before It Gets Better
Mar 31st, 2017 

On this edition of News in Focus, Attorney General Mike DeWine gives us a report on what his office has been engaged in with helping communities fight the heroin epidemic on the local level. Also joining us are two pastors who are on the front lines on the battlefront of the heroin epidemic - Pastor Randy Baker of Akron and Pastor Phil Fulton of Adams County.

CLICK HERE to listen to the broadcast!

Roundtable Discussion - Coal is on the Rebound
Mar 24th, 2017 by 

Guests Bob Murray of Murray Energy, Congressman Bill Johnson, Pat Boone and Jim Martin of the 60 Plus Association discuss the new direction in Washington for the coal industry. Obama's War on Coal is over, or is it? The deeply entrenched policy at the EPA is still hindering the industry, according to our experts. Much work still needs to be done. Lots of information in this program. Take a listen and share with a friend.


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