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Legislative Update from the Ohio Statehouse...

Budget Battle at Ohio Statehouse and What it Means for Your Bottom Line

Ohio State budget battle taking place at the Ohio Statehouse with Rep. Keith Faber OH 84. Rep. Faber explains the Governor's budget proposal and the Legislature's counter-proposals. We also discuss energy policy with Greg Lawson of the Buckeye Institute.  Click here to listen to the interview with Rep. Faber and Greg Lawson of the Buckeye Institute. 

Affordable Energy Initiative for Families and Seniors

This week at the Ohio Statehouse, OCA will testify in support of H.B.114 (Revise Energy Efficiency Provisions) in the Public Utilities Committee, chaired by Rep. Bill Seitz.

The cost of the mandated subsidies to wind and solar are being paid for by utility customers. OCA holds the position that these are unnecessary costs, driving up monthly utility bills for families, seniors, and those on fixed incomes.  It is time for the renewable industry to stand on its own feet, not subsidized by the Ohio utility customer. H.B. 114 is language that will replace the mandates with projected goals. The industry can then grow on its own initiative without having to be subsidized by the Ohio utility customer. 

Ohio Pastor Protection Act (H.B. 36) - Stalled in Committee. Your Calls and Emails are Needed. Urge Your Representative to Pass the Bill Now!

History of the Bill

Late in December, the Ohio Pastor Protection Act passed the Community and Family Advancement Committee, chaired by Rep. Tim Ginter, after having been stalled for most of the year.   Clergy from all over the State of Ohio came to the Statehouse to give overwhelming supporting testimony for the Ohio Pastor Protection Act which protects pastors, churches, church property, and church organizations from frivolous lawsuits by homosexual activists.  Constitutional attorneys also weighed in in favor of the legislation.

Speaker Rosenberger informed the bill's sponsor, Rep. Nino Vitale, that the bill would not receive a floor vote in the 131st General Assembly, but in the words of the bill's sponsor, he received assurances from Speaker Rosenberger that the bill would be quickly picked up in the new year and passed quickly.  As many of you who read our newsletters on a regular basis know, the bill did receive three full hearings in the month of February, and according to Speaker Rosenberger's office, was ready for a committee vote and floor vote the last week of February of this year.  Now, with no full explanation, the bill has stalled in committee, and no further word of its future has been discussed with our office.  What we can tell you is that powerful homosexual interests behind the scenes are blocking this bill. For whatever reason, they seem to hold sway over Leadership.  Equality Ohio, the homosexual activist group,  has threatened to pour money into districts to challenge representatives in their next election.  

ACTION ITEM - Call your representative and urge them to support the Ohio Pastor Protection Act - H.B. 36.  If we flood the phones with calls, we can win the day. 


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