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H.B. 369 SOGI Bill scheduled for proponent hearing Tuesday, Feb 4th Your calls needed!

UPDATE: THE CIVIL JUSTICE COMMITTEE Chaired by Rep. Steve Hambley has scheduled a hearing on H.B. 369 THE LGBTQ SPECIAL RIGHTS BILL for Tuesday February 4th at 2:00 p.m. room 114

Urgent Action Alert - Call Members of the House Committee to Stop H.B. 369 LGBTQ Special Rights Bill

Radical homosexuals are pushing an LGBTQ special rights bill at the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee, chaired by Rep. Steve Hambley of Medina (District 69). The legislation is scheduled for its second hearing on Tuesday, February 4th, a proponent testimony hearing.

OCA President Chris Long stated, "It is urgent for people of faith across the State of Ohio to make calls, send emails and letters to their state representatives, expressing their concern over this radical special-rights bill. After speaking with members of the clergy across the state, the concern is real. This legislation appears to be on a fast track for passage, and it is urgent that people of faith flood the phone lines at the Ohio Statehouse. We would like to thank Mission America and Ohio Value Voters for joining us in opposing this legislation. This legislative push is about to awaken a sleeping giant in our state."


What's wrong with this bill? -

·     The language is ambiguous and nondescript. 

·     It provides for special rights, not equal rights.

·     It presents a real threat to religious liberty for churches, synagogues, and houses of worship statewide.

·     If the bill were to become law, church treasuries would be drained from legal battles for years to come.

·     It violates the privacy rights of women and children by allowing members of the opposite sex to use bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and athletic programs of their perceived sexual orientation.

Your privacy and religious liberty rights are about to be violated unless you act today!


Click here to read pages 49, 50, and 51.




So PLEASE make calls to these committee members asap, and plan to attend this meeting if you can— Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2:00 pm, Room 114 at the Statehouse.

Representative Stephen D. Hambley (R) Chair

District 69

Phone (614) 466-8140

Representative Thomas F. Patton (R) Vice Chair

District 7

Phone (614) 466-4895

Representative Jim Butler

District 4

Phone (614) 644-6008

Representative Jamie Callender (R)

District 61

Phone (614) 644-6074

Representative Robert R. Cupp

District 4

Phone (614) 466-9624

Representative Brett Hudson Hillyer (R)

District 98

Phone (614) 466-8035

Representative Derek Merrin (R)

District 47

Phone (614) 466-1731

Representative Bill Seitz (R)

District 30

Phone (614) 466-8258

Representative D. J. Swearingen

District 89

Phone (614) 644-6011


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