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John Adams said, "Freedom once lost is lost forever." We are losing our freedom to choose our health care. ACTION ITEM: Call your representatives and urge them to override Governor Kasich's veto on Medicaid expansion freeze. Time is critical! Thursday is the possible vote. Tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5th, is the time to call. If you can volunteer your time, here are call centers around Ohio that will be patching through calls to Ohio legislators, urging them to vote to override the veto. Here is the link to your legislator. 

AFP-Ohio Phonebanks: Stand Up To John Kasich!
JUN 30, 2017 BY AFP
Americans For Prosperity-Ohio will be holding phonebanks throughout the state on Wednesday, July 5th before the State Assembly is scheduled to vote to override Governor Kasich's budget veto. We need your help to encourage other liberty-loving Ohioans to contact their legislators to urge them to vote to override Kasich's politically motivated veto.

Phonebanks will be held at the following locations on Wednesday July 5th:    CLICK HERE FOR A LIST OF CALL CENTERS



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