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Breaking News! Ohio Heartbeat Bill to be Voted on in Ohio House and Senate Tomorrow...
Today, the Ohio House Health Committee, chaired by Rep. Derek Merrin, voted 11-7 in favor of SB 23, Ohio's Heartbeat Bill. The bill now has a new name - Human Rights and Heartbeat Protection Act. The legislation now heads to the Ohio House floor for a vote tomorrow, Wednesday April 10th. The Ohio Senate is also scheduled to take up the measure for a concurrence vote. Governor Mike DeWine has stated he will sign the Heartbeat Bill into law.

OCA President Chris Long stated, "This is a great step forward in the protection of human life. Ohio was one of the first states to introduce the Heartbeat Bill legislation back in 2011. Since that time, 21 other states have introduced or passed Heartbeat Bill-style legislation to protect unborn human life. The courts have already begun to review the law by the various states. It is just a matter of time before the Heartbeat Bill makes its way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Elections have consequences. Here in Ohio, we have surveyed candidates for the past eight years on the question of whether they would prohibit abortion when there is a detectable heartbeat. In the 2018 Gubernatorial contest, Governor Mike DeWine answered the question in the affirmative. His opponent, Richard Cordray, did not support the Heartbeat Bill. Thankfully, it will be Governor DeWine who will be signing this legislation into law. Some revisions were adopted in the bill's language today, strengthening the legislation and giving it specific definition."

We want to express our thanks to the House Health Committee members who voted in support of S.B. 23. We also want to thank Dr. Kathi Aultman of the Lozier Institute and Attorney Josh Brown, who both testified in support of the legislation. There were more than 80 pro-life proponents that came in to give testimony in support of S.B. 23, Ohio's Heartbeat Bill. Stay tuned for further developments...


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