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Philip Haney, Founding Member of Homeland Security;Ohio Wins Court Case on Election Law

PART 1  Philip Haney, founding member of Homeland Security, discusses Sharia Law in America. 

PART 2  Ohio wins case on election law. State Rep. Andy Brenner. 

Philip Haney discusses the threat of Sharia Law to the United States Republic. He is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection.  Mr. Haney discusses the threat of Sharia Law in American society, what the Islamists have in mind in fundamentally changing American culture.  

Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals sides with Ohio in elimination of so-called Golden Week from the election calendar. State Rep. Andy Brenner, who served on the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee in the last Ohio General Assembly when S.B. 238 was passed, discusses the importance of securing Ohio's election system. 


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